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You’ll be curling your toes in no time when you check out Nylon Feet Line. There’s a very diverse mix of content here, but all of it features sexy broads in sheer nylons. You can the gorgeous models out by themselves, with a sexy female friend, or even giving some lucky bastard the footjob of a lifetime. You’ll want to go one step over the line when you check out the great-quality videos and crisp, glamour style images.

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These are not just beautiful feet, these are Exquisite Feet. This is the website of the equally exquisite Brittany Andrews. The sexy sluts assembled on this site engage in jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, foot fetish action. Watch a couple of blondes sucking on Mistress Rhiannon’s toes, or enjoy downloadable videos featuring foot job gangbangs or trampling. A good pick for the true foot fetish enthusiast.

This site will make you whip yourself into a Feet Frenzy. So far, there are 20 episodes of footjob action. The foot fetish aspect does tend to take a bit of a backseat, but it’s still hot, hardcore action with some nice cum splashes on some beautiful feet. There are lots of bonuses included with membership, including about 26 full-access bonus sites.

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Foot Kink seems to be a bit lax on the updates of its main content that actually fits into the main theme, but it has a decent amount of existing pics and flicks dedicated to feet. The quality of the stuff seems to vary, but at least it scores rather well as far as purity and its 100 per cent exclusive too boot. If I keep bringing up foot fetish related sites, it’s because it seems every other day lately I read about another famous person who gets off on soles, toes and insteps.

The latest celebrity I read about is Tommy Lee, the rock star and former hubby to Pamela Anderson. We already know that he loves to have sex on camera. He obviously must be somewhat of a breast man, not to imply that its Pammy’s only asset, but it’s obviously a quite noticeable pair of giant bows on her complete package. He also loves tattoos and he even did a poster for animal-rights organization PETA with the slogan, “Ink not mink.”

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However, Tommy has some even kinkier tricks up his sleeves, it seems. According to a story on Female First UK (03/23/07) that claims that while touring with his band Supernova, Tommy got pretty wild at Seattle’s Feniz club with multiple sets of toes belonging to both genders. As the source for the tale was originally quoted in the National Enquirer, you might want to take it all with a grain of salt. Epsom salt might be most appropriate as we are talking feet after all.

Nevertheless, the fan who was attending the performance claimed, “Tommy was sucking the feet of a buxom red-head while his band Supernova watched. But when lead singer Lucas Rossi pulled off his shoes and socks and asked for ‘a good licking’ Tommy ditched her and started tonguing Rossi’s feet.”

Tommy then purportedly started sucking and licking the feet of all his fellow band member’s feet, while onlookers howled in disgust. I say it considerably less disgusting than some other older rockers who did unspeakable things to live bats. I guess Lee just loves feet so much that it doesn’t matter who they belong too.

Although, he has previously admitted in other interviews to being so obsessed with them that he hangs out in shoe stores hoping to cop a glimpse of women’s feet, so it seems he generally prefers the female footsies, overall. I guess the adrenaline from performing simply led to any port in a storm, or more precisely, any foot in a frenzy. Maybe, one day his barefoot tasting antics will make his licker as infamous as Gene Simmons’ tongue is.